TSS Minecraft started in June of 2011 as a private LogMeIn Hamachi based server for a couple of friends. Since then it's gone through several hardware iterations, been migrated from Windows to Linux, and has become reachable on the public internet.

Today it operates as a semi-private server for family, friends, and friends of friends. Also occasionally hosting Minecraft modpacks and other game servers.


  • No griefing/harassment of other players or excessive trolling.
  • No skins, structures, or names that are inappropriate or offensive.
  • No client mods that provide an unfair advantage.
    • (e.g Fly, ForceField, Freecam, X-Ray)
  • No chat spam or excessive use of caps lock.
  • No exploiting bugs or otherwise abusing the server.
  • No asking for server ranks or spawned in items.